Sami Law

We have with great success represented Sami villages in various legal processes for over 20 years and have developed a unique competence in Sami law. We afford help with everything from the right to use the traditional sami land for reindeer husbandry and for hunting and fishing (customary legal disputes) to claims for financial and non-pecuniary damage that arise in the event of loss of reindeer grazing land.

We represent Sami villages in legal processes about land exploitation, among other things, mines, wind power, hydropower and logging. We are specialists in human rights and the protection that the Sami’s have as indigenous peoples both according to the Swedish constitution and international law. Reindeer herders can also feel safe to turn to us if they are suspected of hunting crimes. In these cases, we combine our solid knowledge in Sami law with out cutting-edge expertise in criminal law.